2018 Awards of Excellence – The Winners

By 24th June 2018 September 11th, 2019 News

In May of last year, Sawtry Youth Project launched their first Awards of Excellence.

The awards are designed to show recognition and inspire young people between the ages of 11 – 17 from within our community.

We asked that the young person being nominated had acted in a manner that inspired other young people or made a positive difference to the lives of others.

Nominees were aged between 11 – 17 at the time of being nominated and the person nominating needed to demonstrate why they thought the young person deserved an Award of Excellence.

We received nominations from the Caresco foodbank, the Brownies and Rainbows groups and a parent.


Jake- For the last 6 years, Jake has shared all that he holds dear to over 20 children who his parents have fostered. Welcoming strangers into your life is one of the hardest things for the most generous of adults to do and yet Jake has been both generous of his time, his space and his parents to those in greater need than himself.

Erin– Another young person who is giving of her time, patience and talents. Every single week Erin had supported the village Brownie pack; nothing is ever too much for her whether that be supervising activities, supporting the leaders or clearing up at the end of the evening. Always there with a smile and encouraging word, Erin takes pride in her contributions, volunteers for all manner of tasks and is always eager to ensure that the Brownies enjoy their activities.

Kelly- Although only 13, Kelly has been a keen volunteer at Sawtry food bank since she was 12. She has worked in the warehouse and has tirelessly promoted the work to her friends and classmates. Always enthusiastic, kelly is always smiling in her work.

Madison- Madison is a Youth Leader with Rainbows, has learnt sign language to provide inclusion for children who are audibly challenged and offers Junior Bowls courses at Sawtry Bowls club. The latter is of great importance in the village as she is active in creating unity between the elders of the village and the youth. Madison has brought the bowls club into the 21st century by designing their website and is instrumental in the promotion of this active village amenity through a variety of social platforms. Madison is also proactive with the annual Sawtry feast supper: organising, serving and making the older community feel welcome and appreciated.

Jay- Having joined the food bank in December 2016 Jay has been a reliable and consistent member of the volunteer team taking on a variety of tasks and never shirking his community responsibility. He has shown genuine empathy to those who have required the support and has and continues to be a valued member of the team.

Ben- Joined the Sawtry Youth Project to effect change and growth in the village for young people. He has tirelessly attended fund and profile raising events from dressing as an elf at the Frost Fayre to mixing milkshakes at this year’s carnival. Most notably perhaps is the responsibility he has undertaken to ensure that the project is right up to the minute with its technology from the management of the website, activation of online feedback and regular updates on the Facebook page. Ben truly is an asset to an organisation borne out of the necessity to provide the young people in the village with engaging outdoor activities.

All were awarded a certificate to recognise their individual achievement and each received a £50.00 Amazon voucher.


We must take this opportunity to thank the main sponsors of the Awards, without whom, it would not have been possible to award prizes. A very big thank you to DV Maintenance and Hunts Forum.  

Ben Tomsett

Ben Tomsett

I'm the Secretary for the Sawtry Youth Project, responsible for social media and the website you're looking at right now!