SYP Annual General Meeting – May 2019

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This year, we held our Annual General Meeting on the 16th May 2019.

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Chairman’s Report – Ray Groves

I would like to start by thanking all the Sawtry Youth Project Committee, the Sawtry Youth Project Youth Committee and all our volunteers and helpers for their hard work and ongoing commitment and support. I would also like to thank everyone who has donated prizes for fundraising events and those who have made cash donations.
May 2019 marks the fifth year of SYP. We remain a strong committee committed to improving facilities for our target age group 11-17 within of community.
Unfortunately, the committee have had to accept the resignation of two of our committee members.
I’ll be stepping down a Chairman due to the increasing pressure of other commitments. The job requires someone who can commit the time the position requires. I’ll remain as a SYP trustee.
Sadly, Teresa Rush our secretary has also decided to resign her position. Teresa has been on the committee since the first SYP meeting. She has proven to be a great asset with her ‘can do’ ‘let’s get the job done’ approach. I would like to thank Teresa for her commitment and hard work during her time as a trustee and committee member.
We continue to forge strong relationships with Sawtry Parish Council and various other organisations within our community. We look forward to working with them closely in the future as these relationships continue to grow. Having successfully securing section 106 money, specifically allocated to funding the construction and maintenance of a skatepark, we are now working through the tender process with Sawtry Parish Council. We have created a working group made up of three parish councillors and two SYP trustees. 
Our bank balance is looking extremely healthy. Our Treasurer Emma will give more detailed information during her report.
The social media pages and SYP website remain our biggest methods of communicating information outside of the SYP committee. I would like to thank Ben our media Coordinator for all his continued hard work ensuring all of these are continually up to date.
During 2018 the SYP Committee made the decision to scale back on our fundraising. This decision was taken having successfully secured section 106 funding and to free up time to work on the tender process with the Parish Council. We are however committed to carrying out some of our key fundraising events, which include the BBQ at the Sawtry Carnival and assisting with the Christmas Frost Fair.
The SYP Youth Committee continue to grow. The litter picking initiative has proven to be a great success. It’s been fantastic to see young people within Sawtry taking so much pride in the village during litter picks, always smiling, despite carrying out such a mundane task. The Youth Committee are also participating in the sporting event taking place on the 13th of July 2019. More information about the youth committee will be provided by Catherine, the youth coordinator.
We must continue to remain focused and driven to meet our objectives throughout 2019 and into 2020. I would like to offer my successor my full support. I would also like to offer any assistance to aid a smooth transition.

Sawtry Youth Project would like to thank Ray for the incredible amount of hard work he’s done for SYP as chairman over the years.

We would also like to thank Terry, who has worked tirelessly as a SYP trustee and secretary.


Treasurer’s Report – Emma Malachowski

We finished the 2018/19 financial year with a balance of £16,006.49. This financial year thus far, this has been increased by £2,360.18 and is in line with projected figures following the decision to concentrate less on fundraising this year and more on P.R in the community. This has included first aid and food hygiene training for the young people in the village and the litter picking activities as requested by the community.
The current bank account balance sits at £17,866.67 with the carnival yet to happen.


Youth Committee Report – Catherine Dornelly

Although an integral part of SYP, the youth committee is an ever moving and evolving entity. This year, we have said goodbye to our original members because they started with us, at the outset, in Yr7 (aged 11) they are now sitting their GCSEs at Y11 (aged 16). This stands as a mile stone as to how long the committee have been striving towards our goal.
That said, we are constantly recruiting new members and at present have a core of Y9 young people (13-14yrs) who regularly attend meetings, litter picks and have organised and delivered their own bake sale, for Valentine’s, to raise funds directly. This proved a very popular event with support from Corrine Wheeler (SVA) and Maggie Tomsett. The result, £77.50 profit.
Surprisingly, the litter pick hot button has not been pressed lately by residents of the village but we are sure following the half term holiday, this will soon pick up again. This year a small team of pickers have been out and about every school holiday ensuring that our village remains clean and tidy.
Moving forwards, the Youth Committee will be recruiting new members with interest being shown, now, by some of the younger people (Y7) and a newly invigorated team will emerge. As with all things, young people lead busy lives and find it difficult to always attend meetings and as they are looking for a quick response time to our actions, it is hard for them to stay motivated when there seems to have been many obstacles but they prevail and should be applauded for their on-going commitment.
This year they will, again, be running a milkshake stand at the village carnival and will be donning their litter picking hats at the village sport4all event alongside supporting any other areas required whether that be directing the public or supporting Jason from Let’s Skate at the skateboarding taster area.
The summer always brings new invigoration and with skateboarding an Olympic sport now, will only encourage new athletes to the course.


Media & IT Report – Ben Tomsett

This year has been a good one for SYP in terms of social media. Our Facebook page has continued to grow and our reach is ever expanding; we’ve set up an Instagram page to engage with the younger demographic, who might not have Facebook. Interest via Instagram is also growing steadily. We have been in the process of redesigning our website, as well as sourcing a more suitable hosting company, which we hope will provide more reliability to the website. I am excited to say that the new look website is now up and running so please feel free to take a look!
Hopefully our social media presence will increase even more in the coming year, as we work together to make the skatepark a reality.


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